Peace of Mind from Flooding

National Flood Protection, LLC offers peace of mind to commercial and residential property owners as they assist consumers in the selection of flood mitigation products. Since 2016, National Flood Protection has been bringing their innovative flood solutions to areas all over the United States devastated by hurricanes, Nor’easters, and severe weather. 

"Our objective is to educate customers on the resources they have available to protect their property from flooding" said Russ Ellington, President of National Flood Protection, "as well as stress the importance of doing it now to avoid future catastrophes." With major flooding events becoming more prevalent, National Flood Protection is proud to represent Flood Panel, LLC – an industry leader in building flood mitigation systems. 

National Flood Protection has been traveling the U.S. field measuring for upcoming projects. Their expert team of Architects, Engineers and Installers conduct on site evaluations of buildings using the latest FEMA guidelines to design a project specific plan for protecting a property. "What we’re able to offer is a first line of defense against coastal flooding, rather than remediate the damage caused" explains Ellington. National Flood Protection ensures that not just the flood barrier system openings but also the building structure is able to withstand the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loads imposed by flood waters.

The cutting edge Flood Panel products greatly reduce structure damage and business operation disruptions caused by severe flooding. "Business owners are looking to safeguard their storefronts, because even just a few days of not being able open their doors can be disastrous to their bottom line" Ellington continued, "Many of the clients we’ve helped are small businesses and they can’t financially survive a prolonged closure."

As the global climate continues to change and sea levels rise, it has become more important than ever to protect buildings from the damages caused by flood waters, including residences. "National Flood Protection has installed on many hi-rise condo and apartment complexes," Ellington said, "allowing tenants to not be displaced for long periods of time while their building is being repaired. This also aids in the recovery, so it’s a win-win for the entire community."

Further, National Flood Protection offers emergency response plans, specific to each individual site. "This is an essential part of the success," Ellington noted. Each flood mitigation system requires some degree of periodic maintenance and inspection. National Flood Protection, LLC offers each client a Yearly Inspection and Maintenance Plan, ensuring that the building personnel who are tasked with pre-flood event deployment are properly trained and all components are in proper working order.

To discuss National Flood Protection’s cutting-edge Flood Panel, LLC products and to get your custom quote, call Dave Dansereau, Project Manager, at (844) 628-5353 or email dave


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