Flood Mitigation Industry Leader Announces Significant Expansion

Floodproofing.com adds National Flood Protection LLC and Flood Panel to operations

Mt. Royal, N.J.Floodproofing.com, an international leader in protecting communities and businesses from the devastating effects of flooding, today announced two recent acquisitions:  installation-focused National Flood Protection LLC, based in Norwich, Connecticut; and flood barrier manufacturer Flood Panel, based in Jupiter, Florida. These acquisitions solidify Floodproofing.com’s position as the go-to international resource for all things flood-related, with a turnkey approach to flood mitigation.


According to Tom Little, President and CEO of Floodproofing.com, fully incorporating the installation expertise of National Flood Protection and Flood Panel’s time-tested, performance-rated products into the company’s portfolio allows it to better serve at-risk areas with a true, all-encompassing solution for flood resiliency.


The company now manufactures and sells both wet and dry flood mitigation products, and provides consultation, design, engineering, installation, post-installation support, and even flood insurance. In addition, Floodproofing.com offers professional education and continuing education credits to a variety of professionals affiliated with the design-build industry. It also provides both National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and private flood insurance options with the lowest possible premiums for home and business owners.


“With the industry expertise of National Flood Protection and the impressive portfolio of flood protection products offered by Flood Panel, Floodproofing.com is putting mother nature on notice in our crusade to mitigate the devastating effects of flooding and create greater flood resiliency across the world,” said Little, who is a Certified Floodplain Manager. “We are proud to have an even more in-depth offering of products and services dedicated to protecting communities from the devastation caused by flooding.”


Flood Panel manufactures several dry floodproofing products including the Super Flood Log, Custom Flood Panel, hinged flood gates, and dual-function flood doors.


“Floodproofing.com is proud to manufacture products in the United States, starting with its line of Smart Vent engineered flood vents more than 25 years ago,” said Little.  “With the acquisition of Flood Panel, Floodproofing.com adds another Made in America product line to the Floodproofing.com catalog.”


National Flood Protection, established in 2013, has partnered with Floodproofing.com since 2021 as the dedicated national installation partner for its flood mitigation solutions. In addition, National Flood Protection served as the exclusive dealer for Flood Panel. Russ Ellington, former President and Owner of National Flood Protection, will serve as Senior Vice President of Program Management for Floodproofing.com.


“The installation team is well-versed in floodproofing requirements in all 50 states and has vast knowledge and experience with the products Floodproofing.com distributes,” Ellington said. “Our expertise gives customers the peace of mind that these quality products are installed per manufacturer specifications, on budget and on time.”

With the addition of National Flood Protection and Flood Panel, Little said Floodproofing.com is in the best position to fully realize its mission.


“Collectively, we have the goal of shifting the focus away from disaster recovery and toward preventative measures to mitigate damage from flooding,” Little said. “Expanding our operations further helps us in our mission to ensure contractors, homeowners, critical facilities and municipalities protect their investments, saving them money, time and heartache.”    


About Floodproofing.com
Floodproofing.com is the go-to resource for all things related to flood risk and resiliency. We manufacture and supply the largest selection of innovative solutions under one roof and provide complimentary floodproofing design and turnkey assessments that present the best options to mitigate flood damage, improve recovery time, and lower liability risk. In addition, the Floodproofing.com team has spent many years studying the science of flood mitigation and is certified to instruct and provide learning credits to all professionals affiliated with the design-build industry. Also, our in-house insurance agency, Risk Reduction Plus Group, provides NFIP and private flood insurance options with the lowest possible premiums for at-risk communities. For more information, visit Floodproofing.com.