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Pedestrian Flood Doors

For continual flood protection that matches your property seamlessly, choose the Pedestrian Flood Door. The Pedestrian Flood Door is what its name implies; a pedestrian door. However, it has been internally reinforced and has a mechanical sealing mechanism housed within the frame to give a leak-free seal when properly closed. The Flood Door is an active flood barrier at all times, 24 hours a day. Our Flood Doors is an ideal flood barrier defense for critical infrastructure locations such as mechanical and electrical rooms.

The Pedestrian Flood Door can be manufactured in either aluminum or steel, depending on your needs. Because it looks and operates like any other pedestrian door, the aesthetic impact of the Pedestrian Flood Door is minimal. Choose from many customization options for your door, including standard panic bars, specialized locking hardware, small glass view ports, and more. The standard Flood Door also meets ADA requirements.

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